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Forest, Island & Tropical

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  1. Artist : Mark Rowbotham - An Interesting Catch (Malaysia)

    Artist : Mark Rowbotham (Born 1959 Sarawak) Title : An Interesting Catch Medium : Pastel Year : 1996 Mark Alun Rowbotham was born in 1959 in Sarawak, Borneo, to a Yorkshire family. He started painting as a small child and went on to study Fine Art for 4 years before furthering 2 years studying Landscape Design. In recent years, demand has been such that he has left the world of landscape gardening/ design and taken up painting full time. He works in a variety of media and sizes, and has become particularly sought after due to the very carefully executed nature of his work – taking many days, even weeks, on each piece. He can paint all subjects and is noted for his draughtsmanship and his sensitive use of tone and colour.
  2. Artist : Zainudin Yahya - Tropical Stream (Malaysia)

    Idyllic scene of a stream in a tropical jungle with sun light penetrating on the top right corner. The image a bit blurry with subdued green, suggestive of a hidden natural beauty tucked away for a good escape from modern trappings. No tress and plants discernible, merely loose shapes to capture the essence. The subject matter is simple, not inviting speculation of hidden meaning, just simplicity. The style is neither naive nor realistic nor impressionistic. Only green and darker hues of brown with loose and smudged strokes. Whilst round and curved organic shapes dominates the trees and foliage, water and rock interfaces are more angular. Together formed a portal into a tropical escape. Medium: Oil on canvas Year : 2017
  3. Artist : Bop Sopan - Conscious i (Malaysia)

    Title : Conscious i Medium : Acrylic on canvas Year : 2018
  4. Artist : Jing Chung - Village Rouge (from Pelita Hati Gallery)

    Artist : Jing Chung Title : Village Rouge Medium : Acrylic & ink on rice paper Year: 2012
  5. Artist : Jing Chung - Fishing Boats and stilt houses (from Pelita Hati Gallery)

    Artist: Jing Chung Title : Fishing boats and stilt houses Medium : Acrylic & ink on rice paper Year : 2013
  6. Artist : Bop Sopan - The Pond (Malaysia)

    Title : The Pond Medium : Acrylic on Canvas Year : 2017 'The Pond' is a painting about consciousness. The subjects tell stories of life; the beauty that comes out of the hardships. Reminding us about the existence of ourselves and capturing the moments we lived.
  7. Artist : Pady - The rain is coming, Gunung Raya, Langkawi (Malaysia)

    Title : The rain is coming, Gunung Raya Langkawi Medium : Aryclic & oil Size : 2' x 3' Year : 2016
  8. Artist : Pady - Alone on the beach, Tg Aru KK (Malaysia)

    Title : Alone on the beach, Tg. Aru KK Medium : Aryclic & oil Year : 2016
  9. Artist : Pady - The Dancing Tree (Malaysia)

    Title : The Dancing Tree Medium : Photography digital art on canvas Year : 2017
  10. Artist : Pady - Ferntasia (Malaysia)

    Title : Ferntasia Medium : Photography digital art on canvas Size : 2'x2' Year : 2017
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Items 1 to 10 of 11 total

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